Praise and Worship Ministry
Worship is a crucial spiritual discipline that needs to be exercised in the life of the believer.  Many people equate that worship can only be done with music and singing.  However, worship in its original since is defined as, the act of showing reverence, love, and admiration to God.   Worship must begin in the heart and then be expressed outward. 

The first reference to worship in the Bible is found in Genesis 4:26, when we are told the people began to worship God by name.  We continue throughout the Genesis to see Abraham as worshiping God all throughout his life.  It is not until Exodus 15, that we have the first recorded song in scripture.  The song of deliverance after Israel crossed the red sea.  These saints with tambourines and dancing raised up a song in praise to God who brought them out of bondage.

Worship begins in the heart, and praise springs forth from the mouth.   We can worship in many ways.  Jesus declared, “For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24) Worship requires entering into the presence of God by the Holy Spirit.  Praise is more about celebration.  Psalm 150 expresses praise with music and singing finally saying. “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord.” 

Man was created for fellowship and communion with the Almighty.  Christ granted us total access to God by his atonement.  We are told we can come boldly into the throne room of God, and that begins with praise and worship.  Even Christ in the Lord’s Prayer gave reverence and honor to God, but he also made God personal to us calling him our Father.  Worship is personal and comes with a true relationship with God.

Here at the MISSION, we try to stay focused on what praise and worship is really about.   It is about celebrating and loving our God.  We strive for excellence in all we do.  The song selection can be one of the sacred hymns of the church stretching to one of the contemporary praise and worship songs of today.   It is not the style or music, it’s the worship experience.  It’s not about hype; it is about true sincere worship to our Heavenly Father.

The MISSION Praise team is committed to setting the atmosphere for worship.  We believe those who are members are not to just sing or play but, to lead others into worship. The members teach others how to worship in Spirit and in truth by example.  If your interested in joining our team please see Lori Guilliams or Wayne Guilliams III.